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Leo Rojas releases Iko Iko Cover on 1. Oktober 2021

Leo Rojas continues to shorten the waiting time for his fans for his new album "Colors Of Nature" - and brings summer back at the beginning of October: His new single "Iko Iko", which is a cover version of the TikTok hit, brings summer reggaeton Vibes all to dance to.

With over 800 million YouTube clicks, gold awards, over 200,000 records sold and sold-out shows worldwide, Leo Rojas is not only one of the last real Indians, but also "the pop star of the panpipe"! The instrumentalist has also become indispensable on TikTok.

With the TikTok hit "Iko Iko", Leo Rojas reveals another single from his upcoming album. And of course this song couldn't be missing in Leo's TikTok repertoire. The instrumentalist interpreted the good-mood sound in his very own way and once again reached an audience of millions on TikTok.

With his album “Colors Of Nature” the native Ecuadorian gives his sound another upgrade with a diverse mix of global hits, which he gives his very own spirit with his Indian sounds and modern beats.

Leo Rojas allows himself to be influenced and inspired for his sounds, among other things, during his numerous trips and appearances all over the world. He regularly plays sold-out shows in China, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Algeria, Poland, France and Tunisia. But also TikTok trends and challenges are his new tool on Leo's musical journey of discovery.

The multi-instrumentalist currently has a three-digit million audience on YouTube, 500,000 followers on TikTok and 300,000 Facebook fans from all over the world. His fan base follows Leo Rojas´s exciting lifestyle, which he documents in spontaneous, entertaining video clips.

"Iko Iko" by Leo Rojas will be released on October 1st, 2021 as a digital single on TELAMO.

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