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Leo says "Bella Ciao" The new Single and MV

With over 1 BILLION YouTube clicks, Gold Awards, more than 200.000 records sold and sold-out shows worldwide, Leo Rojas is not only one of the last true indigenous artists, but also „The Popstar of the Panpipe“. The native Ecuadorian has mastered 33 other native flutes like no other and at the end of the year the multi-instrumentalist would like to do it again. On December 23rd, 2022 he will usher in the grand finale of 2022 and will release not only his New Year’s soundtrack with „Bella Ciao“, but also a support anthem for his fans in the Middle East. Rojas reaches deep into his bag of tricks and presents an unexpectedly club-ready dance track with EDM vibes. In line with the lead melody played on his pan flute, this song gets a whole new finish.

PREORDER / STREAM NOW With his new tracks, the multi-instrumentalist proves his enormous talent and musical diversity. Danceable club songs, chart-worthy radio hits with a Latin feeling, but also emotional songs with depth and the grace of great Hollywood soundtracks find their place on his long player, which will be released in 2023. Leo Rojas found inspiration, among other things, in his numerous trips and performances all over the world. He has played several sold out shows in China, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Algeria, Poland, France and Tunisia. The multi-instrumentalist currently reaches a three-digit million audience on YouTube. 300k Facebook fans and 600k TikTok followers from all over the world follow Leo Rojas’s exciting everyday life, which he also likes to document in spontaneous, entertaining video clips.

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